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Shanghai International Airport

Economy never speeds up without modern and up-to-date giant airports. Shanghai HongQiao International Airport is an example: located in the western part of Shanghai, in 2007 this airport handled over 22.6 million passengers, ranked the 4 busiest airport in China and occupied the 5th position as regards cargo traffic movement.

Pudong is the main international airport serving Shanghai, located 30 kilometers from the city center in the eastern edge of Pudong district. Constructed and designed with two main terminals and three parallel runways, current planning for the future includes a third passenger terminal and two more runways to raise its capacity from the current 60 million passengers to 80 million annually by 2015.

A Shanghai Maglev Train station is located between the terminals to shuttle passengers to downtown in 7 minutes and 20 seconds, reaching a speed of 431 km/h (268 mph), which is faster than the top speed Formula 1 car. The airport is a main international line for Air China. Almost 29 million passengers passed through it in 2007, more than Beijing Capital Airport.